Coordinated Point of Entry Program in Decatur, IL

This program aims to reach out to persons 60 years of age or older to assist them in many ways. We hope to ensure that each senior is aware of the services available, to help seniors apply for services, to monitor service delivery, and to provide long-term care counseling. To accomplish these goals, CHELP's Outreach Caseworkers visit the seniors in their homes to learn about what their needs are and link them to the available services.

Caseworker Responsibilities

Our caseworkers interview each senior to determine his or her needs and the support they currently have available. They provide information about the many services available and encourage the senior to use the appropriate services after referring him or her to the services from which he or she will most benefit. The caseworkers will help seniors complete Circuit Breakers, COLDFACTS, housing, and public assistance applications as well as Medicare Part D. They are also here to act as an advocate for the senior, assist seniors with solving the problem of aging, and to provide social and emotional counseling when needed. They also investigate possible cases of abuse or neglect, refer such cases to appropriate authorities, and follow and monitor the delivery of services to ensure effectiveness.
Senior Woman — Home care provider in Decatur, IL


All seniors 60 years of age or older who live in Decatur, Ilinois and throughout Macon County are eligible. The program is especially designed to contact seniors who live in rural areas, who live alone or who are low income. There is no charge for this help. For those of you who appreciate the service and would like to contribute something towards the cost of maintaining it, we would very much appreciate your donation.

How to Receive Help

While we at CHELP actively look for seniors who need assistance, the best way for us to learn about seniors in need is through referrals. These referrals may be from social service agencies, family members, friends, neighbors, ministers, shopkeepers, letter carriers, or anyone else who knows of a senior who might benefit from a service or is the victim of elder abuse or neglect. There is no charge or obligation to persons who make referrals and all information is confidential.

Refer a Senior

If you know a senior in need, please call CHELP. All we need is the name, address, and phone number of the senior you are referring.